So pflegst und bewahrst du deine Sneaker richtig: Tipps für eine längere Lebensdauer

How to properly care for and preserve your sneakers: Tips for a longer lifespan

Sneakers are not only comfortable, but often also an investment. So that you can enjoy your shoes for as long as possible, you should take good care of them and store them. Regular cleaning and waterproofing, as well as proper storage, can help your sneakers last longer and stay in top condition.


For a thorough cleaning, you should first remove coarse dirt with a brush or a soft cloth. You can then use a special sneaker cleaner or a mild soap solution to remove dirt. It is important that you always use a soft cloth or a soft brush and work gently so as not to damage the material. Then let the shoes air dry and avoid direct sunlight or heat sources.

stain removal

If there is a stain on your sneakers, you should act quickly. Use a stain remover that is appropriate for the material of your shoes. Work carefully with a soft cloth or brush and then rinse the shoes thoroughly.


To protect your sneakers from dirt and water, you should waterproof them regularly. To do this, use a waterproofing spray that is suitable for the material of your shoes and apply it evenly. Repeat the process regularly to ensure optimal protection.


Proper storage of your sneakers is also important to keep them in the best condition. For example, use shoe boxes or shoe bags to protect them from dust and dirt. Store the shoes in a cool and dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


When cleaning and caring for your sneakers, make sure you use the right materials. For example, use a soft brush or cloth to avoid damaging the material. You should use special cleaners or brushes for sensitive materials such as suede or nubuck. Avoid harsh detergents or bleach as they can damage the material.

In summary: With regular cleaning and waterproofing as well as the right storage and use of the right materials, you can help your sneakers last longer and stay in the best condition.

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